Hi! I’m Katelyn

I realized early on that I was miserable working for someone else. I found myself working a seasonal job and realized then and there that I had way too much potential to be slaving around all day just to make someone else money. 

I made a promise to myself right then and there that I would never work for someone else again. 

After the holiday season I quit and immediately started making changes.

I switched my degree to a business major and told my friends and family that I was going to start an Etsy shop selling sorority apparel. To put it bluntly, they were more than skeptical.

That didn’t stop me though. I knew what I could do and made it my mission to create a successful Etsy business, even though I knew nothing about the platform. I figured it all out on my own and before I knew it, I built my own studio and got to choose what my day looks like every day.


I want to expand the vision and start creating products (and content!) for girls who radiate positivity and strive to reach their fullest potential… like you. I want to empower you to be the most unapologetically authentic version of yourself, because the world needs more of your sparkle. ;)


Because every girlboss is only as good as their girl gang!

  • Anna Saechou | Virtual Assistant

    My right-hand girl Anna is from sunny California. Detailed, organized, lives off of dad jokes, and a big believer in mental and emotional well being, Anna is always looking out for me. Off the clock, you can find Anna binging her favorite TV show for the 47th time (Who can complain though, it’s That’s So Raven?!), saying her affirmations, and taking her hot girl walks.

  • Brittany Kues | Podcast Editor

    Brittany is a North Carolina mom, wife, podcast host and entrepreneur. She’s all about helping female business owners like me launch, grow and monetize their podcast. When she isn't behind the mic or computer, you can find her on an outdoor adventure with her son and dogs, enjoying a beer and wings with her hubby, or watching a true-crime documentary.

  • Lexi | Chief Cuteness Officer

    Lexi is my precious pomsky (pomeranian + husky) pup! She loves those stuffed lamb toys (you know, with the squeakers inside) and Chick-Fil-A nugs. Her birthday is July 6th, so every year I tell her that the fireworks on July 4th is everyone celebrating her birthday!

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